East Coast-West Coast-European Style gourmet Café, created by a Swiss gourmet lay baker-cook, with  much love and passion. Extremely successful and having outgrown personal capacity, we entrusted our Café into the hands of  a German master baker in June – but very regrettably someone who turned out to be solely concerned with his own performance on a well known German Reality TV Show, and obtaining any kind of visa to Canada for himself and for his family. In an attempt to move on to his preferred destination ASAP, this gentleman put us through an ultimate nightmare scenario within merely 4 weeks, causing our faithful barista to move on, our Café to shut down.

Since we were not able to keep up with demand last year, and without trained staff to move on, and still reeling from recent experiences, we are most regrettably not in a position to reopen. 

Wedgeport is one of the most up and coming places in our part of Nova Scotia, is currently featured Internationally for our amazing dark nights skies with view of the Milky Way, our newly refurbished Wedgeport Nature Trail, our world famous famous Tusket Islands and Tusket Island Tours,  and we are the center of Nova Scotia lobster fishing, and the home of the Wedgeport Sports Fishing Museum and Tuna Sports Fishing Festival.

Anyone who would like to purchase or lease, or lease-buy Café Brioche, will be guaranteed training if desired, and our most passionate support with marketing, or anything else required or desired. We’ll do anything to help you succeed, because we know we can, and because we care. This is the perfect place for anyone who desires to experience Coast Gourmet life style, and doesn’t shy away from the kind of hard work an above-the-crowd gourmet food operation requires.

Please call 902-748-2774 for more information.

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